This past summer MJM Energy installed a mini-split heat pump in our main office/store, and in the manager’s house at the Seafoam Campground. For the past eight years, we have been running window air conditioning units in the summers and electric heaters in the winters for both buildings.

When we made the decision to have heat pumps installed, MJM Energy was very helpful in suggesting the correct units to meet our needs. Our office/store area contains many large freezers, fridges, and other appliances that produce excess heat; that paired with the door opening and closing frequently throughout the day leads to a lot of summer heat making its way into the store and office areas. The 18,000 BTU Frigidaire heat pump has handled the cooling of the store and office area perfectly. In fact, those spaces have never been so comfortable for us or for our customers during the summer months.

We also felt the benefit this spring with our heat pumps in heating mode, and they have been much more efficient than the old electric heaters we had been using.

The service from MJM Energy was top notch and the installation was very fast. All the work was completed by their highly-trained staff – very clean, no mess left behind. I would highly recommend MJM Energy to install or do work for anyone.


Dave Tattrie

Owner & Manager

Seafoam Campground



How an afternoon changed our life!

I want to share our story about how one afternoon changed our life. We have an older home with, as everyone has, escalating heating costs. Every year we got the call everyone dreads…..your heating cost budget is going up.

This winter it was our final straw they called us and said you oil budget for this year will go from $500/month to $700/month. We usually take a trip every year and decided to forgo that for an alternative to our heating issues. After research we decided heat pumps would be our best alternative.

We contacted MJM Energy and they took it from there. An in home assessment was performed and we got recommendations on what would be best for or home. They could have sold me anything at that point as I was fed up with our heating system instead provided me with a suite of options to achieve our goals and each would have been a good fit for our home.

We chose to go with two heat pumps on our main floor and had nothing but professionals doing the work. They showed up exactly when they said they would – we just opened the door and a few hours later it was done. Now I am a business man so I am always interested in customer service and quality of the installation and I have to say they were both second to none. We even had a winter install and warned us of frost heave with the outdoor pumps, but came back to level it in the spring!

After a quick crash course on how to operate, because they are so easy, and we turned off our oil furnace for good! Now for the outcomes. Our goal was to heat our main level as we had electric heat upstairs. What we were able to do however because of the placement of our heat pumps is shut off not only our oil furnace but our electric heat upstairs. We couldn’t believe how well they worked. So, we ended saving the $700 a month oil bill, and our electric bill never changed because we were able to shut off the heat upstairs! It was nothing but money in our pocket, a savings of $7,000 a year for us! Some might ask “How cold is your house?” Our house stays at 21 degrees celsius at all times.

So if you are thinking about changing your heat source a heat pump is the way to go, it only takes one afternoon to change your financial situation. And, oh yeah if you don’t like the summer heat they have air conditioning!

Eddie Robar



The unit was installed on the first day- nicely done. Very kind & polite gentlemen. The next day, the electrician came to hook up the electrical and once again, friendly, considerate gentleman. We certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you for the work and cost. We chose you because our daughter & son-in-law recommended you. We are pleased with the unit and how efficiently it all came together. Since there has been some cold weather, as winter hangs on, we are relieved to have it! (Wish we had 1 at the cottage!)




Dear MJM Energy,

Just wanted to write to let you know how pleased we are with the insulation of the Convent House in Herring Cove your company did in October 2015.  We saved almost 4,000 litres of oil after the install compared to the previous heating season.

Even if one considered the severity of winter compared to the previous winter, this is still an impressive saving.  As you know the three story old house was desperately in need of insulation as we were pretty sure it had only seaweed up to the point of your company’s work.

Our tenants, the nuns of the Franciscan Order of Halifax are very pleased with the level of comfort they now experience in the house during the winter months.

The price was very reasonable as well, and our payback will be less than 3 years.  Very much worth the investment!!

Thanks again for all your great customer service as well.  We are happy customers and look forward to another building being insulated by MJM in the coming months.

All the best

Catherine S.

St Peter and St Paul Parish

Our crews insulated the Convent House in Herring Cove Nova Scotia, with an impressive annual energy saving and payback.



I have had MJM Energy work in my home on two occasions, the first was to increase the level of insulation in my attic. The end result of that work was a reduction in my annual oil heating costs from $4000/year to $1700/year. The second was to install spray foam insulation on my basement walls, floor joists, and headers. The floor on the main level of my home is now warm, and my NEST thermostat shows that my heating hours in my basement have been reduced from 14-15 hours a day to 4-5 hours a day.

I would highly recommend MJM Energy to anyone looking to make their home more comfortable and less expensive. Their staff have been respectful and professional on every visit to my home.

Nathan Lewis, HRM



I would like to express our sincere thank you to your employees who installed a counter top at my home on Jan. 13, 2017. They arrived ahead of the expected time and did an excellent job of installation. Matthew was name of the main carpenter and I don’t remember the name of his helper who is an electrician with your company. The two took their time and did the job right. They were very polite and couldn’t do enough for us. They cleaned up after the job and were on their way by late afternoon. After this experience with your company I will definitely recommend it to my friends. If I need more home improvements in the future I will consider calling you.

Regards David & Martha O.

Happy & satisfied customers



We had your company install foam insulation in the crawl space at our home in Baddeck and were very pleased with the service provided.

Joe & Diane



I have to tell you that the crews that were here working over the last few weeks have been wonderful! Each one of them made sure to clean up every bit of mess that was created by the home energy upgrades. They even take it one step farther by covering all my belongings to keep them protected. After seeing many contractors and companies through renovations of my own property or houses my parents have fixed up over the years more often than not the workers were leaving renovation sites a mess, or not showing up to the job at all. I really appreciate the respect the workers had for my space, the flexibility of the scheduling and the quality of the work is outstanding. Job very well done!

Thanks, Nicole



DJ and Jordan McNeil did a wonderful job here, insulating my walls. They had a difficult time, however, since the studs were not uniformly spaced, and there were extra studs and blocks and nails where they weren’t supposed to be. It seemed as though the builders put in a lot of studs, and had some spares and used them too.

I want to compliment you and your company on the quality of workmanship you folks do and on your own patience and helpfulness. In addition, it is apparent that you provide your workers with the finest tools and equipment available for the job. Jordan and DJ numbered every shingle cut, and replaced them flawlessly, (AND spray-foamed every hole drilled) so there is no sign that anything has been disturbed. I asked several friends and neighbours to come and see the fine work being done by DJ and Jordan, and they were very impressed. I have recommended MJM Energy, without reservation, to everyone I know.

Thanks for everything, Robert



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