Spray Foam Insulation Installation

What is it?

Spray Foam insulation is your best choice for walls, basements, crawlspaces and overhangs. Like the name implies, this insulation is applied by spraying two compounds that react to one another, expanding to fill in all gaps and possible areas of air leakage to create an airtight home. Spray foam also comes in two options, open cell and closed cell, and while similar, they both offer unique advantages to homeowners looking for insulation solutions.

Why do it?

The major benefit of spray foam insulation is the incredibly high R value – a material’s resistance to heat loss. This means your home will stay both hot and cool using very little energy.

What to expect from MJM

Here at MJM we only use Soprema Spray Foam, the industry’s top insulation product and our number one choice. As a qualified Soprema installer, our staff is properly trained and certified in both the handling and installation of this high-performance product. You can be confident that not only will the instal go smoothly, but the results will exceed your expectations when it comes to increasing your home’s overall R value.

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