Drain Water Heat Recovery

What is it?

Heating water is expensive and can make up 20%-30% of your home’s energy costs. Any hot water that goes down the drain takes that energy with it. A Drain Water Heat Recovery System reclaims up to 40% of this lost energy, reusing it to pre-heat the cold water entering your water heater.


Power-Pipe allows you to re-use some of that lost energy in your drain water to heat incoming cold water. The system can actually extend the life of your hot water heater and makes it more efficient. In some cases you can actually turn down the set point temperature on your water heater once the Power-Pipe drain water heat recovery system is installed and still heat your water to the same temperature you’re used to.

The Power-Pipe requires little to no maintenance and comes with a 10 year warranty.

Here is a short video created by the Power-Pipe to help better explain what the system does for your home.

What to expect from MJM

MJM can install the Power-Pipe drain water heat recovery system in a matter of hours and walk you through any adjustments that can be made to your home’s heating system to ensure your home is optimized to save energy on your hot water heating costs for years to come.


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