Heat Pumps

What is it?

Ductless, mini-split-system heat pumps (mini splits) make good retrofit add-ons to houses with “non-ducted” heating systems, such as hydronic (hot water heat), radiant panels, and space heaters (wood, kerosene, propane). They can also be a good choice for room additions where extending or installing distribution ductwork is not feasible, and for very efficient new homes that require only a small space conditioning system.

Mini Split Ductless Heat Pump Systems

Mini Split Ductless Heat Pumps offer a wide range of versatile solutions for cooling and heating requirements for single or multiple rooms.

The Indoor unit (evaporator) is mounted inside the room. Enclosed in a handsome space saving cabinet, it is connected to the outdoor unit (condenser) via refrigerant lines and inter-unit wiring through a 3-1/2″ opening in the wall. Since no duct work is required, the installation is simple, fast and efficient.

Mini Split Ductless Heat Pumps bring together sleek styling in wall, duct or ceiling mounted systems, with whisper-quiet operations, quality and reliability you can count on.

What to expect from MJM

We’ll assess your home and provide suggestions on optimal placement for your new Heat Pump. Once our professional installers and refrigeration technicians install your unit, you’ll enjoy a nice and even heat during the winter, while during the summer your house will be cool, with the right amount of moisture.

If you’d like to learn more about Heat Pump installation, contact us today.

Get Incentives on Your Heat Pump from Efficiency NS

Efficiency Nova Scotia offers a wonderful incentive program to homes in Nova Scotia.

Learn more here.

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