Cellulose Insulation

Blown-In Cellulose Attic Insulation

What is it?

Perfect for attics and walls, cellulose insulation is a low-thermal-conductivity material, meaning it is proven to minimize drafts and heat loss in your home and even reduce noise from outside and room to room. You will feel more comfortable and have a little more cash in your pocket.


GreenFiber cellulose insulation is designed to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is also an environmentally friendly product being made up natural plant-based fibers and 85% recycled paper fibers. GreenFiber’s cellulose insulation is treated to be fire resistant, adding an extra layer of protection to your home. It can actually help the structure of your home resist collapse should there be a fire. Here’s a short video created by the GreenFiber to help showcase their product’s unique features. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdt5rEadgHs The thing we like most about GreenFiber is the fact that they stand behind their product 100%. They offer a guarantee that spans the entire life of your home.

What to expect from MJM

MJM screens all the products we use to ensure we are offering the very best solutions on the market. Working with GreenFiber’s cellulose insulation was an easy decision. Their environmental benfits and long standing reputation within their industry makes them a tough act to follow. That being said, having the right team to install your cellulose insulation is just as important is choosing the right product to install. Our team has been trained by the GreenFiber team to ensure every installation leaves your home ready to perform at its best.

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