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As the only Building Performance Contractor in Atlantic Canada we’re not like every other insulation contractor out there. We’re experts in Building Science and that means we take a comprehensive, whole-home approach to improving energy efficiency and comfort. Ensuring that your building performs the best it can. We’re more than just insulators. We’re MJM.


We are preparing to deliver some Building Science training next week and couldn't help but share this picture we'll be using. One thermal image that shows three very different windows! The windows on the top left is a triple pane window that's doing a great job of holding the heat in the house. The window below it is a double pane window that's performing well but is brighter as it's not as able to hold the heat in. The window on the right with the red spots is losing heat like crazy as it is also a double pane window, but it has lost it's Argon Gas filling and is not performing well at all. We are actually able to use a small device to detect if the Argon gas is still present between the panes of glass in a window. If you suspect that one of your windows may not be doing its job give us a call and we can test it as part of our free quote! 1-888-320-4344 (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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