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As the only Building Performance Contractor in Atlantic Canada we’re not like every other insulation contractor out there. We’re experts in Building Science and that means we take a comprehensive, whole-home approach to improving energy efficiency and comfort. Ensuring that your building performs the best it can. We’re more than just insulators. We’re MJM.


Let's talk about a major issue we saw a lot of this winter: Ice Dams.

What is an Ice Dam?

Through the winter you build up a blanket of snow on your roof. Heat escaping from your home, up through your attic and out of your roof, starts to melt the very bottom of the snow blanket and the water runs down the slope of your roof until it gets to the edge of the blanket and meets cold air, where it freezes. This accumulates over time and builds a large block of ice at the roof edge, and the water melting on your roof can't escape. Now it sits on your shingles and does what water does...finds holes to seep into your home.

We spend a lot of time talking about air sealing, but keeping water out is priority number one. As a smart Building Science professional once told our staff, "No one ever calls me in the middle of the night because their house is leaking air."

So how do we stop Ice Dams? Attic insulation. By upgrading the insulation level in your attic you will keep the heat inside your home and your roof will stay cold. The snow will not melt and you won't be producing Ice Dams and the problematic puddles that hide behind them.

Upgrading the insulation in your attic is a very straightforward upgrade and is usually completed in one day. MJM Energy uses cellulose blowing machines built by Star Machines Ltd in Oxford, Nova Scotia to properly and evenly fill your attic space, ensuring reduced heating costs and drastically reducing the amount of heat reaching your roof and causing Ice Dams.

If you had issues with Ice Dams (or your home had some Icicles like the ones in these pictures) please give us a call today for a free quote. (3 photos)
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